Hip Check 3/18

A quick look at what’s on my mind today:


Leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning: I know this blog just got going, but you’ll just have to be on the edge of your seat for the weekend. I’ll give a rundown of the first round on Monday.


NIT Action: This is shaping up to be one of the most entertaining NIT tourneys – maybe ever. My New Mexico Lobos handled Nebraska fairly comfortably. I wish they were in the big dance, but you know what, it’s just nice to see them win a tournament game of any kind. It’s been a while.


St. Mary’s should have been in the tournament. Behind Mills this team would have had major potential to be the 2009 version of Davidson in ’08.


USA’s WBC comeback: I’m sure the ten people at the game were very excited. Good for you WBC.


American Idol: So glad Anoop is back. That Allison chick is amazing. The Lambert dude needs to seriously sing some freaking Queen already.


Obama fills out a bracket: How cool is that?


The Cavs are for real: Lebron is showing us why he actually is the second coming of MJ – except Lebron doesn’t play like a complacent crybaby.


That’s it for now, now back to grooming my faux-hawk.




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